Who am I?

I’m sure you have heard the term “In the best interest of the child” and wondered what that means? Everyone you ask will give their perspective of the situation. I consider the children’s best interest and the children’s needs when making decisions about supervision of the visit or the exchange. While the children’s needs are paramount, there are also some significant benefits to parents. I hope that no one will look at supervised visitation or exchange as a negative or stigmatized service. Instead, Angel Eyes services can help families as they go through the challenges of child custody. Angel Eyes supervised visitation and supervised exchange provides off-site and in-home services. Visitation monitors give children the opportunity for safe, conflict-free access to their non-residential parents.
Children will benefit from participating in services because they can maintain a relationship with both of their parents. As a result, they can anticipate the visits without worrying about what is going to happen. They can enjoy their time in a safe, comfortable environment without being put in the middle of their parent’s conflict.
Family time is an essential aspect of children’s lives. Family time extends beyond just spending a few hours a week with a parent; it’s any time children can learn, create memories and interact with all the siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and close friends. Think about the host of friends and families each parent brings in the children’s life. When couples break up, it’s not just a parting of their relationship; it could be a parting of a village of people with whom their children may never know.
Some of the best family members are made while on vacation or staycation.

Yearly vacations to the beach, our annual trek to the mountains, and our holiday staycations is a whole different meaning when traveling with children. As a military brat and military spouse, I’m no stranger to long journeys with children in tow. But it was a daunting endeavor to track 15 hours trip with a toddler, but we made it!
When I embarked on the homeschool journey, I knew travel would be an essential component of the learning process. As a result, family vacations took on a concept of their own. Family trips take a lot of research, time, and planning. As a result, I have an arsenal of DIY tips, ideas, travel guides, and tons of staycation ideas. Would you like to learn more? You can get it all by signing up for the newsletters to stay informed.

I recently celebrated a milestone birthday in Maui, Hawaii. It was a dream list type of vacation. But, as with many dreams, the ending does not always turn out the way you may hope.
Unlike the many past journeys I have taken, this vacation brought about an awareness about myself that surprised me. In fact, Hawaii’s spiritual culture renewed and awakened my desire to dive deeper into my ancestry and spirituality. As a result, I have a renewed inspiration to enjoy this season of my life and a deeper understanding of seedtime and harvest time. Have you experienced an awareness of the seasons of your life? Or a desire to be more and do more than what your current situation display. I get it. Totally.

Thank you for having an open heart, renewed mind, and desire to do better as you know better. Embrace the seasons of your life and the many journeys that are ahead. Along the way, love yourself more than you do right now.
I look forward to sharing, growing, loving, and laughing with you. Welcome to Angel Eyes. Where we help keep Families Connected.

Hello...I'm Jan - Owner/Operator of Angel Eyes!


For more than 25 years, I have assisted families in maintaining their connections. Angel Eyes Monitors are trained in accordance to the best practices and standards of professional supervised visitation.